Friday, June 3

Stuff Portrait Friday

My stuff for this week really SUCKS because my furniture and things are STILL NOT HERE!!! I hate waiting for things. As you see the ugliness, please know it is not my furniture.

My Kid's Room - It's pathetic, I know. Those ugly curtains made even uglier with the velour blankets thrown over them. The ugly white metal crib from the 1970s. I don't think it's even up to code. But hey, the built in cabinets are nice.



Collection - These are my collections of vases I bought while here in a little shopping town called Tonala. Tons of shops selling the types of things you see at World Market or Pier 1 but for so much less.

These are outside my front door in a little nook. The tallest one is about 3' tall. I LOVE them because total they cost me about $28!! In Pier 1, you'd pay more than that for just one little vase! Yea for Mexico!

These are three smaller, black vases I got for about $10.

My Computer/Desk - My computer sucks and I need a new one. Any givers out there? It's a comfy desk with all those pillows, but damn it sucks when you think you're husband is happy to see you and it turns out to be a highlighter.



Happy Friday Everyone!


At 4:30 PM, Blogger Random and Odd said...

I LOVE your laptop.

I want a laptop!!!!!


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