Thursday, June 16

Just call me Sybil

BDK comes home from work the other day and says, "I had the best day at work today." I wish I could tell you about his job and exactly what he said, but I can't. I can tell you that he went on to enthusiastically explain how he talked at length with a woman who had won a regional tshirt (maybe wet tshirt, I don't remember and don't want to ask) contest at Hooters. Nice. High five to you on that one BDK!!

Since being in Mexico, I have taken on two personalities. One is myself - loving wife and mother, the other is of a male college roomate. It's because the women here are very beautiful, at least that's what all the men say and I have to agree. At work, BDK comes in contact with many of these women. Usually when he gets home from work, I am in self-mode and like a good wife, I ask "how was work?" or "how was your day?" Sometimes he'll start talking about something someone said or something that happened, but more frequently, he'll say "are you in college-roomate mode?" So I'll say yes and he'll then tell me about some incredibly hot or pretty woman that he encountered during the day. It's a good thing for him that I am secure in my post-baby strech marked stomach and ass with saggy deflated post-breastfeeding boobs or this could be a problem.


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