Wednesday, June 15

chinook, that's C-H-I-C-K-E-N

Before you read this post, you need to have seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite, thought it was funny, and watched this video clip first. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Spelling Bee Video Clip

Giggle, giggle. I laugh every time I see it. Ok, after seeing this clip the first time, BDK and I had the following conversation:

me: That's so funny. Someone must have put him up to it.

BDK (looking at me as if I'm stupid): Uh no, how would they have known what the word was?

me (looking at BDK as if he's stupid): What?

BDK (still looking at me as if I'm stupid): There's no way anyone could have known what the word was going to be so they couldn't have told him to say it?

me (looking at BDK as if he has just said the stupidest thing ever): Wha, what? What does the word have to do with anything, did you hear the definition?

BDK (getting annoyed): the word is chinook which sounds like chicken so that's why the kid thought of the chicken quote. He thought of it on the spot.

Me (laughing so hard, I mean really hard that my stomach is hurting and getting a bit annoyed): The word had nothing to do with it. Chinook sounds nothing like chicken. If it had anything to do with a chicken then maybe the kid would have made it up. Someone told him to at some point during the spelling bee to do a Napoleon Dynamite quote.

BDK (not looking at me anymore): Shut up, I'm right. You're making me mad.

Many of our conversations are similiar to this and it cracks me up. But come on people, I know that I'm right on this one. If only there was some way to ask the kid. I hope Luke has that kind of sense of humor.


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