Thursday, May 19

Who's Your Daddy?

Luke, I am your father!

Ok, so little L's real name is Luke. Don't start stalking him now that you know his real name.

Daddy K is a huge, and I mean HUGE Star Wars fan. He's not a freaky fan who dresses up at conventions or anything like that. And naming our son Luke was actually my idea - unless daddy K was smart enough to make me believe it was my idea...nah. I'm not that big of a fan although I've seen all the movies. I don't really get all the excitement about it either, but who cares. Anyway, a few months ago we had the following conversation as we were talking about if and when to have another kid:

Daddy K: Maybe we could name our next kid Sky. That could be a boy or a girl name.

Me (oblivious and thinking how sweet that he's already thinking of names for a future child): Hmmm, maybe. That's kind of a granola name but it might be cute for a girl.

Daddy K: Yeah, and then maybe we could name our third kid Walker.

It actually took me a second to get it. You know, how funny would it be if some day I yelled out the front door "Luke...Sky...Walker, time for dinner!"


At 11:40 AM, Anonymous MrsDoF said...

When I was a daycare teacher, we had one little guy name of Lucas Kyle Walker. It was close enough to the real thing, eh?


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