Thursday, May 19

A "Reel" Movie Review - Star Wars Episodio III

Ok, we just got back from watching Star Wars Episodio III - La Venganza de los Siths (that's what it's called in Mexico). It was actually pretty good because it was full of drama. Here's the run down. If you don't want to know, then don't read...

• all is not well in the universe
• chick gets knocked up (but they don't show them gettin it on)
• guy loves chick and chick loves guy but love is a secret
• guy thinks chick will die during birth
• guy goes bad
• guys fight each other with light sticks
• little green man fights with light stick
• guy gets a new outfit - all black, very slimming
• chick has twins then dies
• holy shit...did you know that Luke and Leia are brother and sister and make out in a later movie?
• holier shit...did you know that Darth Vader is their dad. How cool is that to say your dad is Darth Vader?

Speaking of Darth Spring Break when I was in college at the UT, I went to Padre (or as people not from Texas say - South Padre Island). My friends and I crossed the border to Matamoros, Mexico to party at the clubs there because that was the cool (and unsafe) thing to do. I think my boyfriend at the time (ok, more of a guy I'm fooling around with at the time) had gotten into an argument earlier in the night (probably because he was fooling around with other girls, jerk) so I was determined to get really drunk and make out with someone (well, I was a little slutty back in those days so I probably wanted more than to just make out). Anyway, a lucky drunk guy struck up a conversation with me that went something like this:

lucky guy - hey hot stuff

me - want to buy me a drink

lucky guy - sure, want to make out

me - you know it

You're probably wondering what this has to do with Darth Vader. Was it that he was breathing really heavy? No, well he probably was but that's not it. Was it that he was the was once good and then turned bad? No. Was it that he wore a black cape and mask? No, but he was wearing black sneakers (I say sneakers not tennis shoes) without any socks or shoelaces...oh my. I'm sure his feet really stinky. The reason this relates to Darth Vader is that he told me his name was VADER!!! The sad thing is that I still made out with him. There's a post for another day...all the guys I've made out with that I regret.

Back to the movie review...let me tell you a little about the theater. This was the best movie theater I've ever been to. Who knew that Mexico would have some kick ass theaters. We paid about $13 for two tickets in the VIP theater. To get to the VIP theater, you go through the VIP lounge that serves sushi (yeah, sushi at a Mexican movie theater doesn't sound all that appetizing), crepes (doesn't sound as bad as sushi but still didn't try it), alcohol (not just beer, but mixed drinks too), and the typical movie theater fare. We ended up getting nachos, popcorn, and 2 large sodas (I say sodas, not cokes) for $8!!! Then we get into the theater which has only large leather recliners with built in cup holders. There's also a table between every couple of recliners with a menu on it because there are waiters there to take and bring your order!! Sorry Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, but this place has you beat! The seats were so comfortable, we could totally get it on in there. We didn't because daddy K would have imagined he was making love to the screen, but we've still got 2 years here to go...

I should be a professional movie reviewer.


At 12:19 AM, Blogger The Merry Widow said...

"guys fight each other with light sticks" LOL!!! That's how I am when it comes to Star Wars. I dont' know anything. I'm like, "The little green guy totally went samuri on wrinkly guy."

On another note, I'm totally jealous of your movie theater! We have an Alamo Draft House here in Houston too. Too bad it's not as cool as the Mexico theater.


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