Monday, May 9

Little L, you have no idea

Little L, do you know how much trouble you are in? I can't punish you now because well, you aren't even one yet but you should know that I am making a list. A list of the things you do that should be punishable. I started this list today - about 30 minutes ago. The first and only item on the list so far is - why the hell won't you take your nap!! You finished your bottle and were so sleepy with your red, droopy eyes. I laid you down and you turned over to hug your bumpers like you always do. So why aren't you sleeping? Why are you yelling "mama" and other obscenities from your crib? Don't you know that I have bragged to everyone since we've been here that you've been a great sleeper, even with all the travel and moving? Don't you know that it is a good thing to take 2 naps a day and sleep through the night? I know you're almost 1 and around this time kids tend to drop down to only 1 nap, but you are not ready for that yet. You need (and I need) your 2 naps. I'm your mother and I know what is best for you so GO TO SLEEP CHILD! When you are 16 and want to take the car to go out with some chick, you will so be in trouble for this.

If you don't go sleep within the next...15 minutes, I'm going in there with my camera and will add your picture to this post.

(update 5/10/2005)

So you refused to take your nap and this is what I saw when I entered your room. Oh look at those red eyebrows and the tears. Oh the tears!

no nap


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