Wednesday, May 25

100 Things About Me - #3 The Death Penalty

I don't support the death penalty. I was reading The Merry Widow and it got me thinking about my dad. I've been thinking about him a lot lately, especially since Luke's 1st birthday is on Thursday and they never got the chance to meet each other. My dad died back in 1998 at only 57 years old. Man, when I was a kid, 57 would have sounded so old. He died an unexpected death and it was (and is) the hardest most painful thing I've ever gone through, from the moment I heard the bad news until today. I pretty much cried non-stop for the first several months. Then it slowed down to crying only a few times a day to once a day to a few times a week to not-so-special occasions like hearing a sad song or something sparking a memory, to special occasions which is where I am now. I still cry when something sparks a memory of him, like St. Patrick's Day (he was part Irish and St. Paddy's Day was his favorite) or something big happens in my life, like graduating from college, getting married, getting my first real job, buying my first car, having a baby, and now living this life that we are living. He would be so proud of daddy K for this new career. You know, I hate calling him daddy K so from now on the husband will be known as BDK for big daddy K but it sounds a lot better than daddy K.

Anyhoo, what does this all have to do with me not supporting the death penalty? No, my dad was not some criminal on death row. Experiencing the death of someone you love is the worst pain ever. It physically and mentally hurts. You cry a certain cry that can only come from this kind of pain. Knowing the pain of losing a loved one made me realize that I'm against the death penalty. Who is truly hurt when someone is killed on death row - the criminal's family. The criminal gets off easy. I say make their ass sit in jail for the rest of their lives with absolutely no chance of parole. Hopefully the criminal will suffer in jail and his or her parents won't have to deal with the pain of their child's death.

Just in case there is internet in the after-life...I love you dad! I miss you and I wish more than anything that you could be with us for Luke's 1st birthday!

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