Sunday, June 19

Happy Father's Day

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Thank you for our beautiful son. I love you.

Happy Father's Day! (scroll down for your birthday present...)

Las Hadas Resort
Manzanillo, Mexico

Luke's 1st wipe-out

BDK & Luke




Converting into college roommate mode...



Happy Birthday Dude

Thursday, June 16

Just call me Sybil

BDK comes home from work the other day and says, "I had the best day at work today." I wish I could tell you about his job and exactly what he said, but I can't. I can tell you that he went on to enthusiastically explain how he talked at length with a woman who had won a regional tshirt (maybe wet tshirt, I don't remember and don't want to ask) contest at Hooters. Nice. High five to you on that one BDK!!

Since being in Mexico, I have taken on two personalities. One is myself - loving wife and mother, the other is of a male college roomate. It's because the women here are very beautiful, at least that's what all the men say and I have to agree. At work, BDK comes in contact with many of these women. Usually when he gets home from work, I am in self-mode and like a good wife, I ask "how was work?" or "how was your day?" Sometimes he'll start talking about something someone said or something that happened, but more frequently, he'll say "are you in college-roomate mode?" So I'll say yes and he'll then tell me about some incredibly hot or pretty woman that he encountered during the day. It's a good thing for him that I am secure in my post-baby strech marked stomach and ass with saggy deflated post-breastfeeding boobs or this could be a problem.

Wednesday, June 15

chinook, that's C-H-I-C-K-E-N

Before you read this post, you need to have seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite, thought it was funny, and watched this video clip first. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Spelling Bee Video Clip

Giggle, giggle. I laugh every time I see it. Ok, after seeing this clip the first time, BDK and I had the following conversation:

me: That's so funny. Someone must have put him up to it.

BDK (looking at me as if I'm stupid): Uh no, how would they have known what the word was?

me (looking at BDK as if he's stupid): What?

BDK (still looking at me as if I'm stupid): There's no way anyone could have known what the word was going to be so they couldn't have told him to say it?

me (looking at BDK as if he has just said the stupidest thing ever): Wha, what? What does the word have to do with anything, did you hear the definition?

BDK (getting annoyed): the word is chinook which sounds like chicken so that's why the kid thought of the chicken quote. He thought of it on the spot.

Me (laughing so hard, I mean really hard that my stomach is hurting and getting a bit annoyed): The word had nothing to do with it. Chinook sounds nothing like chicken. If it had anything to do with a chicken then maybe the kid would have made it up. Someone told him to at some point during the spelling bee to do a Napoleon Dynamite quote.

BDK (not looking at me anymore): Shut up, I'm right. You're making me mad.

Many of our conversations are similiar to this and it cracks me up. But come on people, I know that I'm right on this one. If only there was some way to ask the kid. I hope Luke has that kind of sense of humor.

Monday, June 13

Shhh, don't tell

I was just reading PostSecrets. It's so fascinating all these secrets that are funny, disturbing, hopeful, sad, scary..... Someone commented and said that they find a little piece of themselves in each of the secrets. It's true, maybe not in every single one, I mean come on, many are truly disturbing, but I could relate to some. I was trying to think of a secret I have never told anyone and I can't think of anything. Imagine, something that you've never told a single person. Surely I have one but maybe I can't think of it right now because I'm tired so here's a secret that some people know but you probably don't....

It took me 8 years to graduate from college. I graduated from high school in 1993 and from college in 2001. Throughout all those years, I was ALWAYS registered for classes. Not a semester went by where I didn't register and pay for classes with the help of student loans. Obviously I didn't always go to class. For the first couple of years, I played a lot and I mean A LOT which is normal I think. The next couple of years were weird. I met my future husband who was a perfect student. You'd think that would make me get my shit together, but no. I would pretend to study and say I'm going to class but mostly I lied about it. The last few years were when I finally decided I needed and wanted to do this college thing for myself. As soon as I made that decision, it was a breeze and I loved it.

It is one my biggest regrets, something I hate to talk about, and at the same time, my biggest accomplishment (well, after being a mom). I felt like such a loser for screwing up so bad. I now have 8 years worth of loans to pay off and I'm not even working a job that pays money...if only raising your kid paid money. But along with those loans, I have the memories of some of the best times in my life, I met my husband, and I have the degree that I worked hard for. I wouldn't give up those years for anything now.

Ok, you're turn. Delurk and share a secret.

Saturday, June 11

Huggies Thong

Ever see the commercial for Huggies Thongs on Saturday Night Live?